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How to Begin-Start your speech with quotes-5 Examples

If you are like millions out their and the question How to open-Start my speech disturbs you-then don`t worry in this blog post you will learn to begin your speech with quotes.
This post will not only teach you about how a speech can be opened with the help of quotes but will give you some examples.
Quotes are the words of wisdom form people who were wise enough to say more in less words 
" A speech of two words means the last two which will come after thousands others"-Ashish Paliwal 

A good Fighter plans his opening move.In the same manner if you want to open your speech with quotes you need three things 
1: A great quotation(As I used to drive the point)
2: A fantastic delivery(way to say it)
3: Relation

Starting your speech with a quote can give you a required kick start and fruitful result.
First 30 to 60 second decides the flow of your speech.Let`s examine those-:
Choose your quotation and its message well: Jumping on every quote which comes your way is a sure sign of failure. Every quote has its own aura, own message. You can`t fit one size to all.So chose a quote which can blend well with the message you want to give.
"Understanding the reason for failure is important and understanding the cause of success is far more powerful"
Today is the day when we all should understand why some people are successful and some people are not....
(This is the manner in which I started a seminar on success)
Mix your message with a humorous quotation: Humor helps people let their guard down,direct your audience into funny mode rather then yawning. You can use many quotes to brighten u the mood of your audience. 
"I Like to donate things for Noble cause, that`s why i donated my wife for the next civil war" 
(Not exactly like this-My wife got angry after this.But this was an example to tell you how you can use humor)
Start your speech with a story quotation: This is a fantastic method in which quotes are weaved into the form of a story and the points are derived home.
Once Hitler told one of his assistance that "Leadership is purchasable quality and i would always love to pay highest for this"-(Used in a leadership presentation)
Start your Presentation with a statement quotations: I have seen many people starting their presentation with this statement quote. Even in year 2011 near to 20k presentations were started by this method according to the survey by AIS. Actually this give an interesting start to speech.
"You must do what you can`t do".(Used in an achievers summit)

Examples of some quotes
1:"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."( Used for Importance of Team playing)
2:“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are."( on how to become a champion)

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