Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Interactive presentation Ideas-tips to give a legendary presentation

The D day is approaching and you want to give an interactive presentation.But the problem is presentation and you are two lovely enemies,even the idea on how to make your presentation interactive gives you goose bump.
Don`t worry friends,I am going to share 2 presentation Ideas which will not only make your audience sit and listen to your presentation but go crazy over it. People will come to you to congratulate, on your performance
Are you ready ?
Here are the 2 ideas.....

1:Use an activity: This is one of my favorite Idea to make a presentation interactive. Once an old man started his presentation by asking every participant to stand on one leg for five minutes.after 2-3 min,He asked us"Is it comfortable on stand on one leg?". Most of the participant unanimously said "No". Then he gave us a pen n paper. And asked all the participants to close their eyes and write "What he was going to speak on that paper". When we finished the writing part. He took some papers and asked us "For most of you to stand on one leg for 5 min was uncomfortable.To write with eyes close made your fine knowledge about writing useless.Think about the people who have no legs, no eyes,who are made uncomfortable for their whole life.Can`t we all help those struggling people to have little comfort?
The question made us think, and Most of the participants ended up donating for that N.G.O which called him. 

2: Use demonstrations: I personally know a man who is good at the art of demonstrations.Once to convince a client how important it is to buy insurance.The agent gave him a sheet of paper and asked him to write his name in the middle of the sheet. The agent circled the client`s name and asked him to write down all the dreams he had for his 2 year old son, around the circle.
When the client finished writing the dreams, he took the piece of paper and tore off his names from the middle of the sheet and asked, “If this were to happen – who will fulfill your dreams for your son?”
The client then immediately bought the insurance plan.

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